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How To Remove Lace Wig

(A)  Removing the Wig Attached with Hard Bond Adhesives:
  1. This method is for releasing the unit from your head. The best product to use for removing a hard bond is 100% Pure Acetone. PLEASE NOTE: Using 100% Isopropyl alcohol will not work on removing hard bonds.  First saturate a cotton ball with the 100% Acetone and continue to rub it across the hairline of the unit.  (It will not damage the hair or lace but be careful not to get it in your eyes.)
  2. Continue to saturate cotton balls and apply around hairline until completely released. It is very important not to rip or pull the unit to get it off. The lace will rip very easily if you try to pry it off. You will damage the wig or your skin if you don’t follow these instructions.
  3. This process may take some time, so be patient.  You may need to let the Acetone sit on the hairline for a few minutes before it releases.  Do not force it to release as this can cause skin irritation or rip your lace.  Reapply more Acetone if necessary.
  4. If any of the Endura Bond is on your skin, you can remove with the 100% Pure Acetone and then wash your skin with soap and water as normal.
  5. Next you will want to finish cleaning your unit immediately – do not let residue build up on your lace as this can eventually damage your unit.

(B)  Cleaning Residue Off Lace Unit
  1. Pour the 100% Pure Acetone in a small bowl and let the lace that still has residue on it soak in the Acetone for about 5 minutes or longer if necessary.  Soak a section at a time.  Do not put the area with the plastic stripes in the acetone as it will damage the plastic. Only submerge the lace into the acetone.  This seems to work better than the Endura Bond remover when you have residue on the lace.  Note: The acetone will not damage the hair.  But you must wash the unit immediately after soaking.
  2. Remove the unit out of the acetone, gently take your finger and proceed to remove the residue from the lace, it should flake right off like paper.  Re-soak if necessary. Once you have removed all of the excess residue from the lace – DO NOT let it dry – you will need to IMMEDIATELY WASH YOUR UNIT. Place unit on styrofoam mannequin head to wash hair.  This step is optional, but I find it easier to wash the unit without it getting tangled.
  3. The above procedure is for Hard Bond Adhesive removal.  Any units that were applied with soft bond adhesives (i.e. Vapon No Tape, Ultra Hold, Safe Grip etc) should follow the above procedure using 100% Isopropyl alcohol or C-22 Solvent instead of the Acetone.  There are other products to use to clean your lace unit.  This procedure works best for us. 


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