Routine Care For Hair Extensions

Hair wigs and extensions have become very popular in recent years. More women have become accustomed to wearing wigs and extensions every day. Not only are wigs and extensions an option for changing up your hairstyle without going to the salon, but they also make it possible for different looks on a day to day basis.

Many women have turned to hair extensions because of the versatility of changing a look at a moment’s notice. Almost all hair extensions, and those of quality, are made of human hair. Extensions give a flawless “natural” look while adding volume to thin hair.

Just as there is a process for applying and removing the extensions, proper care and maintenance is important for protection and preservation of the extensions. In a few simple steps each day, you can guarantee your extensions will last.

  1.  Treat your real or synthetic hair extensions with care as if it were your real hair.
  2. At night and before shampooing, brush the hair with ease. Use a special looper brush with looped bristles so that the brush glides gently through the extensions.
  3. In the shower, use a mild shampoo, thoroughly lathering and rinsing the hair. Pat the hair dry once it’s washed.
  4.  Add leave-in conditioner after washing. Using a wide-tooth comb, comb the conditioner through the hair to remove tangles. If you shampoo at night, make sure the extensions are 100% dry before lying down. When blow-drying the extensions, set the dryer to low.
  5. To prevent snarls or tangles overnight, wrap your hair and extensions in a satin scarf, satin sleep cap or satin pillowcase.

Styling can be just as easy as care routines. However, proceed with caution when using styling products as some can burn or severely damage your hair extensions. Alcohol-free styling products and ionic ceramic heat styling tools should only be used on extensions, real or synthetic.


Post by Carol Barber of CJ’s Full Lace Wigs

(Source – Sally Beauty)