Your Modeling Portfolio Is Everything

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Every professional model must have an exciting portfolio. Don’t even think of going to an agency or expect to get paid for modeling if you don’t have one. A model’s portfolio is her calling card. It shows her versatility, the different model posing looks that she can portray and her range as a model. A lot hinges on a model’s port and putting one together should be held as high priority, not only by the model, but by the photographer as well. Because a portfolio for a model shows different looks, facial expression is crucial. So while the model is working to reveal various expressions, it is also the role of the photographer to draw out those expressions and help her.

Both model and photographer can work together to create a professional glamour model portfolio that shows versatility and allows the model to put her best foot forward.


How to Keep Your Full Lace Wig from Drying Out

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Someone online asked a question on how to keep your full lace wig from drying out.  What works for me is Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  I have been using this on my full lace wigs for a while and it keeps my wigs in pretty good condition.  This Olive Oil Formula is already a conditioner for the hair and scalp which people also use to keep their braids soft and shiny.  I spray a little on my full lace wig the night before I shampoo it, then I tie a scarf or satin cap to sleep in.  Then in the morning I shampoo it while I am in the shower. Take a look at what is in your shampoo.  You do not want a shampoo with a lot of alcohol in it.  That also dries out the hair.  Once it is clean, I put regular hair conditioner on for a few minutes before I rinse it off.  Then I spray on leave-in conditioner, towel dry it, blow dry with a cool or warm blow dryer, or sit under a warm dryer (not hot) for a few minutes.   This leaves my wig soft and manageable and not dried out.

This is not something you have to do over night. I also have done this right before I was ready to shampoo it.  About an hour or half hour before you shampoo your hair, spray a little of the Olive Oil Formula on it.  Then shampoo in the usual way.  IT WORKS!!!