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I am reminded of a question that I asked my mother many years ago.  She wore wigs long before I started to wear them.  You see, alopecia runs in the family.  Mother’s hair always looked good, no matter when you saw her. One Saturday, I remember saying,”There she goes again fussing with that wig.” I decided to tell her what I had on my mind.  I said to my mother, “Mom, why are you always doing something to that ole wig?  After all, it is only a wig.”  She replied, “Baby, if you take care of your wig, it will take care of you.”  I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANT.

Now years later, I find myself in the same situation as my mother. I like to look good, so I know what I have to do to keep it up.  Starting with the hair, working on down.  It is more than just slapping on a wig and out the door you go!!!  Since I have to wear a wig, I have to think of it as a part of me.  The first mistake people make is thinking that it is just a wig.  We forget in many cases, it takes the place of your natural hair.  If you did not have to wear a wig, wouldn’t you take care of your own hair? (Don’t answer that, however, if you would have answered that question, no, then you don’t need a wig either.)  You have to take care of the wig to find out how it will take care of you.  If you are just wearing a wig for a changed look, wouldn’t you still want to take care of it?  Let me share with you how to properly care and “feed” a full lace wig.

First of all, clean hair is beautiful.  Wash your hair at least once or twice a week.  If you are the athletic type, then you should always wash after swimming or exercising or from being in the spa.  If you perspire a lot, you may have to wash it more often because dirt and sweat makes the hair tangle more.

1.    Every 4-5 weeks I take off my full lace wig to properly clean around the perimeter removing the old adhesive and tape. If I had used a soft bond adhesive to attach it, then I just use C-22 to release it from my scalp.  Sometimes I will use Lace Release or just plain 99% Isopropyl alcohol to remove.

2.    At this time, I unbraid my natural hair, wash and condition it and braid it back up. Then I prepare to wash my full lace wig.  I learned from my beautician that she was putting extra virgin olive oil on the ends of the hair to keep it from drying out.  I told her that it sounds like you are feeding your full lace wig because it is getting nourishment from the olive oil. She said that the olive oil keeps your hair so soft and shiny.  So at least once a week, right before I wash my hair, I apply a little olive oil on the ends to “feed it”. I make sure that I wash it completely out with a good conditioning shampoo.  Shampoo made with a large percentage of alcohol is not good for full lace wigs. It will start to shed because of the dryness.

3.    Once my wig is clean, I reapply on my head for another 4-5 weeks.  I have tried many different adhesives and tapes just to see which one had the best hold.  Even though EnduraBond and Sensibond hold the best, I am more comfortable with Vapon No Tape or Ultra Hold along with supertape thin strips.  My skin is sensitive so I use the soft bonds.  During the next several weeks, I use Max Retouch if the lace starts to lift anywhere.  It is in a small enough tube that I could carry it in my purse.

4.    When it is time to wash my hair again, now I wash my hair in the shower.  I have found that it is easier to wash the wig in this manner.  Make sure that you brush or comb the hair with a wide tooth comb to remove any tangles before getting into the shower.  If you don’t have the olive oil, make a mixture of conditioner and water to spray on the hair to untangle it before getting into the shower.  Once you are in the shower, wet the hair gradually from the bottom working up.  Take the wide tooth comb and comb the wet hair to make sure it is not tangled.

5.     After wetting the entire head, shampoo and condition the hair by going in one direction. If the hair has a lot of build up, you may want to shampoo a second time.  Rinse the hair completely with warm not hot water.  Spray some leave-in conditioner on before drying your hair. This makes it easier to comb after washing.  Also use the leave-in conditioner daily to keep hair from drying out.  Don’t get carried away with a lot of products.  Too much makes the hair heavy.

6.    Towel-dry your hair or use a blow dryer set on cool/warm, never hot.  It is important to make sure your natural hair is dry underneath the wig.  IT WILL LEAVE AN ODOR if not completely dry underneath. Never go to bed with your hair wet.  You could also do a wet set on your hair by putting in rollers and sitting under the dryer; or you could use the blow dryer to dry it, then you use the curling iron if you are wearing a straight or yaki texture. I braid mine before going to bed, then I tie on a satin cap.

7.    Once my hair is clean and styled the way I like it, my make-up on…I am good to go!!!  Now I really know what mother meant when she said if I take care of my wig, it will take care of me.   I get compliments all of the time, and my man loves it!!!  I Even get a little neck jerking.. but I don’t care, they’re just haters.  I know I look good because I take proper care of my full lace wig with a little “feeding” once a week, and it takes care of me.


  1. I was looking to buy a full lace wig but was just wondering how long the wig would last

    Comment by jstephens — June 14, 2009 @ 3:04 pm

  2. In my experience, with the proper care and feeding of a full lace wigs, it will lasts from 6-12 months, or longer. I like to switch from one style wig to another. This will help keep each one for a longer length of time.

    Comment by admin — June 14, 2009 @ 8:23 pm

  3. If you are worn wig on daily basis, it should be washed every 14 days in summer and every 21 days in winter. ___

    Comment by imlizziekay — December 24, 2009 @ 2:44 am

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