Routine Care For Hair Extensions

Hair wigs and extensions have become very popular in recent years. More women have become accustomed to wearing wigs and extensions every day. Not only are wigs and extensions an option for changing up your hairstyle without going to the salon, but they also make it possible for different looks on a day to day basis.

Many women have turned to hair extensions because of the versatility of changing a look at a moment’s notice. Almost all hair extensions, and those of quality, are made of human hair. Extensions give a flawless “natural” look while adding volume to thin hair.

Just as there is a process for applying and removing the extensions, proper care and maintenance is important for protection and preservation of the extensions. In a few simple steps each day, you can guarantee your extensions will last.

  1.  Treat your real or synthetic hair extensions with care as if it were your real hair.
  2. At night and before shampooing, brush the hair with ease. Use a special looper brush with looped bristles so that the brush glides gently through the extensions.
  3. In the shower, use a mild shampoo, thoroughly lathering and rinsing the hair. Pat the hair dry once it’s washed.
  4.  Add leave-in conditioner after washing. Using a wide-tooth comb, comb the conditioner through the hair to remove tangles. If you shampoo at night, make sure the extensions are 100% dry before lying down. When blow-drying the extensions, set the dryer to low.
  5. To prevent snarls or tangles overnight, wrap your hair and extensions in a satin scarf, satin sleep cap or satin pillowcase.

Styling can be just as easy as care routines. However, proceed with caution when using styling products as some can burn or severely damage your hair extensions. Alcohol-free styling products and ionic ceramic heat styling tools should only be used on extensions, real or synthetic.


Post by Carol Barber of CJ’s Full Lace Wigs

(Source – Sally Beauty)

Your Modeling Portfolio Is Everything

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Every professional model must have an exciting portfolio. Don’t even think of going to an agency or expect to get paid for modeling if you don’t have one. A model’s portfolio is her calling card. It shows her versatility, the different model posing looks that she can portray and her range as a model. A lot hinges on a model’s port and putting one together should be held as high priority, not only by the model, but by the photographer as well. Because a portfolio for a model shows different looks, facial expression is crucial. So while the model is working to reveal various expressions, it is also the role of the photographer to draw out those expressions and help her.

Both model and photographer can work together to create a professional glamour model portfolio that shows versatility and allows the model to put her best foot forward.


How to Keep Your Full Lace Wig from Drying Out

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Someone online asked a question on how to keep your full lace wig from drying out.  What works for me is Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  I have been using this on my full lace wigs for a while and it keeps my wigs in pretty good condition.  This Olive Oil Formula is already a conditioner for the hair and scalp which people also use to keep their braids soft and shiny.  I spray a little on my full lace wig the night before I shampoo it, then I tie a scarf or satin cap to sleep in.  Then in the morning I shampoo it while I am in the shower. Take a look at what is in your shampoo.  You do not want a shampoo with a lot of alcohol in it.  That also dries out the hair.  Once it is clean, I put regular hair conditioner on for a few minutes before I rinse it off.  Then I spray on leave-in conditioner, towel dry it, blow dry with a cool or warm blow dryer, or sit under a warm dryer (not hot) for a few minutes.   This leaves my wig soft and manageable and not dried out.

This is not something you have to do over night. I also have done this right before I was ready to shampoo it.  About an hour or half hour before you shampoo your hair, spray a little of the Olive Oil Formula on it.  Then shampoo in the usual way.  IT WORKS!!!

Buying African American Full Lace Wigs

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Back in the day, african american wigs lacked style and was not flattering compared to what we have now. My grandmother wore wigs then and to say the least, it was a mangled mess. Luckily those days are gone and with today’s Full Lace Wigs, you can look like a celebrity. Lace Wigs have been around for some time now but mostly these wigs, which are made of human hair, cost quite a bit. The technique is to have the human hair hand tied or sewed unto a cap, creating a virtually undetectable hairline! Many african american women have a problem with their hair lines which is why now the Full Lace Wig is the wig of choice.

The Newest Style Wigs for Black Women

What to expect with today’s Full Lace Wigs; women’s wigs now offer you a variety of styles, lengths and colors, including a more superb level of quality. The most popular wig today is the Full Lace Wig made of human hair. Wearing these kind of wigs, know one would even know that it is a wig. They look completely natural in all aspects


Buy Cheap Full Lace Wigs

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Yes, Full Lace Wigs can be very affordable. You can buy full lace wigs and even buy front lace wigs for less than $200.00. The kicker is, do you want quality hair wigs or not? Almost any wig type or style can be ordered for next to nothing but in most cases the cheap ones are knock offs or made cheap.

CJ’s Full Lace Wigs online store prides itself on providing it’s customers quality full lace wigs. When you buy a full lace wig from us, you will be very pleased at the quality of the product.

Generally when you buy a full lace wig, you are buying it to help spice up your life without having to deal with any of the permanent effects of a haircut, hair extension or coloring job. Probably the best thing about wigs and hair pieces is that they offer you a new look in a mere instant, whenever you feel like making a change. With a wide variety of women’s wigs to choose from it is possible to create any style you wish.

If you want a cheap full lace wig to experiment with, by all means go for it. We just suggest that you buy a full lace wig that is at the least priced in the middle. This way it is not a total loss of your money if you decide that you really like it. Think about it. If you paid $150.00 for a Full Lace Wig to test out then realized that you like the look. You will want to buy a medium priced Full Lace Wig which is about $300. You would have spent around $450 for the same look.

Cheaper is not always better and in the long run will cost you more.


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I am reminded of a question that I asked my mother many years ago.  She wore wigs long before I started to wear them.  You see, alopecia runs in the family.  Mother’s hair always looked good, no matter when you saw her. One Saturday, I remember saying,”There she goes again fussing with that wig.” I decided to tell her what I had on my mind.  I said to my mother, “Mom, why are you always doing something to that ole wig?  After all, it is only a wig.”  She replied, “Baby, if you take care of your wig, it will take care of you.”  I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANT.

Now years later, I find myself in the same situation as my mother. I like to look good, so I know what I have to do to keep it up.  Starting with the hair, working on down.  It is more than just slapping on a wig and out the door you go!!!  Since I have to wear a wig, I have to think of it as a part of me.  The first mistake people make is thinking that it is just a wig.  We forget in many cases, it takes the place of your natural hair.  If you did not have to wear a wig, wouldn’t you take care of your own hair? (Don’t answer that, however, if you would have answered that question, no, then you don’t need a wig either.)  You have to take care of the wig to find out how it will take care of you.  If you are just wearing a wig for a changed look, wouldn’t you still want to take care of it?  Let me share with you how to properly care and “feed” a full lace wig.

First of all, clean hair is beautiful.  Wash your hair at least once or twice a week.  If you are the athletic type, then you should always wash after swimming or exercising or from being in the spa.  If you perspire a lot, you may have to wash it more often because dirt and sweat makes the hair tangle more.


How to Attach Full Lace Wig

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Preparing Lace Wig for Application:

I find it easier to place wig on a Styrofoam mannequin in order to cut the lace.
1. Put clips on hair and baby hair around the perimeter of the wig. This will prevent the hair from getting stuck in the glue when applying the unit.
2. Carefully cut the lace around the entire hairline, a little at a time. You may cut all the lace off or you can leave a little of the lace if you feel more comfortable doing so. Make sure all baby hair is carefully pinned back so it is not cut.

Preparing Skin and Hair for Application:

1. Wash, condition and dry your hair. After your hair is dried either braid hair in small cornrows or tightly wrap the hair around the head.
2. Wash your face completely. Then using cotton balls, use 99% Isopropyl alcohol to clean around your entire hairline to remove any oil that may be on your skin.
3. “OPTIONAL”, However, I do recommend using it. Apply scalp protector or liquid band aide to prevent skin irritation. This will act as a barrier between your skin and the adhesive. (This step is very important for those who workout, swim or those with sensitive skin.)
4. Before applying the adhesive, place wig on the head. Using an eyebrow pencil, mark an outline where you want the wig to be placed at the hairline. Now remove the wig from the head.